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10 important factors you must consider in your business name!

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Business name is the crucial element of your business. You can make up most of the wrong decisions in your business expect your brand name. In fact your business may fail just due to inappropriate name selection. Now we’re going to focus on what details and specifics your business name needs to include.

Keep these 10 important things in mind before deciding on your business’s name. Your business name must have:

1- Uniqueness:

You don’t want people confusing your business with a competitor. Keep your business name unique to avoid confusion and, just as importantly, make sure traffic gets directed to your site instead of a competitor’s site. Do a lot of research on other similar businesses to make sure your business’s name stands out from the crowd.

2- Correct spelling:

It might seem trendy or cute to spell your business name with the wrong spelling, but, except for some very special cases, this usually leads to more confusion. People trying to find your website will have a difficult time if they don’t realize it’s spelled differently than how it sounds. You might also run into trouble when you set up accounts, talk to people on the phone, or buy name-branded gear and swag.

3- Descriptive language:

Your business name should offer some idea of what your business actually does. Be descriptive — you shouldn’t have to explain what your business does every time you tell someone the name.

4- International appeal:

If you decide to use a quirky name (which we recommend against), make sure the words you use don’t have a meaning in another language that will be awkward or uncomfortable to discover later. This holds true even if you don’t plan to do business internationally.

5- Flexibility:

Don’t box yourself in with a business name that is too specific. Including a specific city or region is a common mistake businesses make to rank higher in searches. The problem is that a name that’s too specific can make it difficult for you to grow, which can lead to a full rebranding that will cost you down the road.

6- Domain availability:

Your unique business name needs a domain. While there are lots of extensions out there, the .com extension is the most widely recognized and popular. We can help you make sure your business name has a .com domain. With thousands of domains available to buy, we’ll help you get set up with a domain name that’s brandable and easy for customers to find.

7- Incorporation availability:

Check the Secretary of State website to make sure your business name hasn’t already been incorporated by someone else.

8- Audience appeal:

Test your business name out by saying it out loud to friends and family members. It should intrigue them and make them want to learn more. Saying the business name out loud shouldn’t give you pause. If you say it out loud and it just doesn’t feel right, rethink it.

9- Visual appeal:

Write your business name down on paper to see how it looks in print. What happens when the words are all close together, like they will be on a domain? Make sure your business name looks as good on paper as it does in a url before committing to it.

10- Seriousness:

You want people to take you seriously as a business, even if your business is something fun. In order for people to want to give you money for your services, you need them to know they can trust you. If you giggle when you hear, read, or say your business name, keep trying.

Once you have the perfect business name in mind, incorporate it and then buy the right domain for it. We can help you make sure you get the best domain for your business so your clients and customers can easily find you when they search for you online.

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