Frequently Asked Questions

Commonly asked questions about BrandSailor

Wondering how BrandSailor works? Have a question on the types of business names we offer? Here you’ll find answers to some of the most common questions about BrandSailor, our policies, and the process of purchasing a business name through our site.

What comes with my purchase at BrandSailor?

BrandSailor is one of the top business name sellers and contains the premium online .COM domain names inventory in the market. The company does not just provide thousands of brand names to new startup businesses but also to the existing ones.

What is the quality and worth of the domain name at BrandSailor?

BrandSailor sells the brand names which have the high-quality value attached to them, and pricing starts from U$495 to U$50,000 depending upon the worth of the name.

What is the additional service in the offer?

BrandSailor designs branding materials & offers branding consultancy to build a unique platform at a very competitive price.

Why choose BrandSailor services for your business name?

BrandSailor understands that creating a brand name can be immense and massive. We work hard to provide 100% satisfactory service to all our customers. We aim to offer a win-win situation for our customers worldwide.

How can I buy a brandable domain name from BrandSailor?

BrandSailor has a simple purchase process where you will search or browse brand names, select your favorite one and checkout. That’s it.

How do we accept payment?

BrandSailor accepts the Credit Card, PayPal, and the Bank wire transfers to facilitate the customers. You can avail of all these and other benefits from our domain purchase link.

After-Sales Questions

When is BrandSailor available for customers to answer queries?

BrandSailor is available to discuss your query Monday to Friday 09:00 am till 5:00 pm EST throughout the year at: +88 01779171741

What customer support do we give to our customers?

Our technical expert team will provide a basic functioning and provide a hassle-free domain name transfer, also ensuring a fast response to our customers. Additionally. We believe in accomplishing a job once the customer is happy and received their domain name full control.

After domain name purchase, now what?

It is very simple and easy to follow. It starts from finalizing domain name first and then you can click on the “Buy Now” button to proceed the payment from choosing any option Credit Card, PayPal and the Bank Wire Transfer whichever make you comfortable, Please keep in mind that any name which worth more than $10,000 cannot be purchased via credit card, than that can be only be purchased by the bank wire option.

Once payment is confirmed, then shortly after an email from us will be sent to your email id for the confirmation. And follow by confirmation email along with a link of a Message System (Transaction Center) explaining the procedure by BrandSailor Representative, which will guide you and help you to transfer all the domain name rights to your name.

More detail on the domain name transfer process is as under:

1. In order to get the quick transfer, you have to create a free account at the respected registrar where the required domain is already registered. You can also transfer the domain ownership to your own registrar as it takes 3-5 days, for faster transfer of the domain ownership to you we recommend to have free account signup at the same registrar so the transfer process can be done in less than 5 minutes.

2. After receiving the information for the account transfer, we will immediately transfer the rights.

3. After starting the transfer process, we will send you an email notification with the instructions so that you can confirm the process of transfer.

4. We will provide all the files including logo, illustrator of the logo, PNG file, etc as in a .zip file

All this is required to transfer the domain to any registrar. In case, if you want to transfer the domain to the same registrar, it will not take more than 5 minutes to complete the process. This information is to support customers. For further queries, you can message us via the contact page.

Is there any way negotiate the price?

Yes, we are open to negotiating with the names. We make sure that the potential buyers should know that the value of the published price from the owner. We consider all the offers that are between 10 to 25% price differences are best to give to the domain owner, but we don’t promise that your offer will be accepted.

What is the Return Policy of the BrandSailor?

If we are unable to transfer a domain name in 15 days? You are eligible for a full refund.

BrandSailor provides services as a marketplace and the escrow agent for the domain name you chose. Although, we ensure customer satisfaction from the start until the end of the order. We strongly make sure that buyers get their name and transferred / Push to their account as soon the sale happens, in order to avoid the disappointing situation, we suggest you understand these details before placing the order. Additionally, we are always here to support you for any kind of problem you face during the process.

About BrandSailor

What is BrandSailor all about and how it works?

BrandSailor is one of the best, most popular and largest business name service providers that deal only in the .com domain names reaching to worldwide buyers. The individual sellers are ready to sell their domains at our portal.

Who is a domain registrar?

An organization that deals with the registration of the domain name and manages the reservation of .com domain names is called a domain registrar.

A country code top-level domain or the top-level domain is the one that is authorized by under the name of the registrar.

Following the process of the domain purchase, you will get all the important information about registration and the transfer process.

What is the frequency of the domain names added to BrandSailor?

We add new domain names on a daily basis as we update our portal to provide fresh information to all our customers. Our main aim is to meet the market demand with the best business domain names and provide more relevant options to the customers.

What is the process to search for a domain name?

If you want to have the perfect business name, you can follow some simple tips:

1. First of all, decide the category, subject or the keyword related to your business and then places it on the search bar available on our home page. For example, “business & finance” “garden”, ”education”, ”fun”, ”living”, ”beauty” and much more.

2. You can also filter your search using the provided options in the front banner of the home page.

3. There’s a search box just next to the BrandSailor logo. Just type a word you have in your mind to look more domain names related to it.

4. Once you like any domain name, you can save it or purchase it using the “Buy Now” button.

What is the kind of domain names that are sold by BrandSailor?

BrandSailor provides domain names that are creative and original. Some of these domain names are business oriented while some are straightforward. We also deal in the trendy domain names as required. Our catalog contains a vast amount of domain names that can fulfill your needs and your business demands.
A good brand name always improves your business. The only thing is that you need to choose the interesting, catchy, attentive and memorable domain. Our listed domains fulfill all your requirements.

Does BrandSailor provide all the trademarked domain names?

We are unable to provide you with the trademark services for some of the following reasons:

1. A trademark protects the domain name in a particular location or the particular industry. While the provided domain names can be used in multiple industries all over the world.

2. In order to get the trademark service, the owner must
Use the domain name in the commerce industry: It means that you should use the domain name for providing buying and selling services. This portal can be used anywhere in the world.

Have good use of the trademark in the Future.

3. In order to apply for the trademark, the applicant must provide the name, citizenship, and address.

Since the domain names are available for a longer time period, we can’t say that we will have any intention to use the name. As we don’t have any intention of using the domain name, we also don’t know in which country or the industry the trademark will be registered. Additionally, the trademark should be linked with the name of the business owner. This all depends upon the user of the domain.