• wiihost.com

    A sweeping name built for an innovative tech or computer start-up with powerful capabilities. It's catchy, straightforward and professional.
  • Hostoic.com

    Hostoic is a well-crafted name derived from the word "host." This makes it a seamless fit for businesses that pride themselves on hospitality and warm vibes. Attractive and memorable. Creative and distinct. Bold and spirited. Easily remembered
  • Hostvaly.com

    Derived from "host," Hostvaly is a creatively designed name that will appeal to any business looking to convey hospitality and warmth.
  • MildHost.com

    This singular union of "mild" and "host" builds on great ideas of efficiency and resourcefulness. MildHost is a fantastic choice for companies offering next-gen cloud & hosting services.
  • TechAlias.com

    A straightforward brand tailor-made for companies specializing in tech and digital innovation. Its use of the word "alias" gives it a high-energy sound. Take technology anywhere with this adaptable name.
  • Techtroit.com

    A clever and creative play on the universally relevant "tech," short for "technology." Perfect for companies in the technology sector or any company on the cutting edge.