Terms of Services

1. Accept the terms of use and the modification
The terms of use of the website keeps on changing time to time, but any time you use the site, you have to be agreed to the “terms of use” provided. Additionally, if you look for any service provided by the site, you will have to follow their rules and regulations. These rules and regulations will be incorporated according to the defined “terms of use”. Kindly review the “Privacy Policy” that is included within the “Terms of use”.

2. The services of the site editor
All the services provided to you via this portal will be on “AS IS” basis. We may make any change whenever we want without notifying you. We are not liable to answer you for any change. We can also remove your provided data permanently or temporarily. Our editor will not liable for the removal and the timeliness of the information, improper delivery of the information, information inaccuracy, information removal and much more.

3. The registration duties and the responsibilities
In order to use the website and some services of the site, you may have to provide the personal information here. In such a situation, you have to provide the authentic information. You should be at least eligible for the age requirement specified for the site. After providing the information to the site, you will automatically accept the “terms of use”. After that you will use all the services under the “terms of use”.

4. The privacy Policy
The privacy policy of the site includes all the registration information and the information provided by the users personally. The BrandSailor’s editor collects this all.

5. Password and registration
The registration information that is the login and the password will be provided to you. The user will be responsible to maintain and secure the information either you are authorized or not. You have to contact to the site’s editor in case, if you lose your confidential information that is username or the password.

6. The User Concern
You are liable and responsible of all the type of information provided by your account. No matter what is the type of information, like text, or the software, the code, music file or sound, the photographs or any graphics, a video or other provided materials (“content”), sent publicly or privately, we will consider all from your side. BrandSailor is not responsible for the display of the content to the site either it is an error or the omission. In order to use the site, you will agree to the following conditions:
a) You will not use any content that is illegal like the threat, abusive language, and harassing, stalking, vulgar, offensive or other. All the legal rules will be applicable national, local or international.
b) You will not represent any false statement or the words while communicating with any entity or the person.
c) You will not ask any information from other users. You will even not allowed to talk to someone else.
d) You will not be allowed to use the services or the website for any commercial use. We always avoid junk mail, the chain letters, spam and much.
e) The user will not provide any of the information to the site’s editor that is not legal. It will be considered as the violation of the local, national and the international laws. It may also violate the rights for trademarks, patent and the trade secrets.

7. The content submission on the website
After providing the content to the site:
a) You agree to provide the editor a royalty free, worldwide, non-exclusive license and right and the perpetual to display, use, reproduce, publish, perform, promote, and translate any sort of content.
b) You permit and represent that all your activities will be legal and according to the rights and regulations.
c) The site editor will have the right to publish, reject, refuse, remove and block any type of information or the content you need to publish at any time for no reason.

8. The Services of the Third Party
The third party goods or the services can be marketed here or made available whenever required. All the representation of the products or the services will be made according to the laws and regulations of the editor. The editor of the site will not be able to responsible for any of your dealing with your third party members.

9. Indemnification
The user will be agreed to hold the harmless editor and the editor’s representatives, the affiliates, the other parties, subsidiaries, officers, employees, directors, agents, contractors, partners and advertisers from any of the demand or the claim including legal fees that may be applied to the third party, from your conduct or your interaction with the website or the services.

10. Warranties and Disclaimer
The user should understand that the site usage or the use of any of its service should be done at his own risk. Even the content should be provided on their own risk. The site will be provided to the customers on “AS IS” condition and we may change the content any time we want. The editor of the side may disclaim the all the warranties either expressed or implied. The site editor never make any warranty either it is implied or expressed, but the provided service will be error free, un-interrupted, timely, accurate, reliable, high quality, and the virus free. Even the content will be safe to download properly. You will be agreed that the information provided by other users will be used solely; the management and the editor of the site will not be responsible for the false results of the information provided by other users.

11. Liability Limitations
You have to understand and agree that the editor of the site will not be responsible for any direct, indirect, incidental, special, exemplary and consequential damages. These damages include the damages for the profits, the goodwill, the data usage, loses to the intangible products and others. These damages may be from
• The ability or the inability to use the service.
• The cost of getting the services
• The unauthorized access to the data transmission
• The third part statement or the concern of the third party
• Any other problem related to the goods or the services

12. The Rights Reservation
The editor of the site reserves all the rights including the copyrights, patents, trademarks, and the trade secrets and all others with respect to the site, its services or its content. If you want to get the rights of the site editor, you must use the previously written agreement. After providing the services, the editor will not responsible to provide you the express or implied rights. You won’t get any right to market the site or provide its services to others without our concern.

13. The Notification of the copyright Violation
If you think that someone in any way has used your owned property, then you may consider it as the copyright violence. For this issue, you must contact the editor of the site at [email protected]

14. The Applied Law
You should agree that the dispute arising from the use of the website, its content or the services must be created according to the local law, applicable legislation and other rules according to your condition. After completing the registration or using the website’s services, you will be agreed to the “Terms of use” provided by the editor. You agree that the courts will have the right over the editor’s domicile and all the related disputes will be heard by the court.

15. The Miscellaneous information
a) In case, if any delivery of the “Terms of use” is not according to the rules and regulation of the court, the provided services or the products will be interpreted with the original delivery according to the applicable law while the remaining part of the “terms of use” will be applicable and valid.
b) The failure of any of the part to state the terms of use will not be considered as the party violation.
c) You agree that the cause or the claim in respect to the site or its services must be provided within one year after the claim is demanded. Or the claim will be band forever.
d) The editor of the site will assign the rules and requirements under the use of “Terms of use”. In such a case, the editor of the site will be thankful for any further responsibility.